Power of fire, things you don’t know

Visible flame is the material representation of invisible fire –

September twenty nine will be the Day of St Michael or perhaps Michaelmas. On this particular day annually at the Bonfin, we continue the tradition started by the Master. The Ceremony of the Fire. Each year participants gather around the fire to sing. Pray and think about the grill and also link ourselves on the cosmic flame, the flame of disinterested love. Power of fire

This’s an extract of lecture given by the Master across the grill at the Bonfin:

“We are able to see fire; we are able to use fire, though we don’t actually understand what the power of Fire. The one problem we are able to say about it’s that, with no flame absolutely no genuine creation. No genuine transformation, can easily take place. Probably the most huge powers are concealed in fire: it’s the capability to melt, liquefy, burn up and transform. It’s all powerful; nothing is able to stand against it. The many other elements – earth, air, and water – likewise have powers that are wonderful, but they can’t really change matter. Earthquakes have the capability to disrupt the earth’s crust, to split open mountains. Swallow up villages and towns, but planet can’t alter the main dynamics of things.

Drinking water has the capability in order to sweep things at bay or perhaps to dilute them; atmosphere has got the energy to disperse; just grill has got the power actually to transform. In the wake of fire, just ashes – or perhaps an entirely transformed body – remain. Flame is regarded as the effective of the 4 components and also the best element of transformation. And it’s because of this, because absolutely nothing is able to stand up against fire. That the initiatic tradition shows that individuals have got to always pass through fire to be able to be transformed. 2 types of fire dwell in people – the fire of the passions of theirs and also the fire of divine love. The fire of sacrifice.

The flame of the passions

The flame of the passions is a raging furnace which inflicts excellent suffering on all those it consumes. Alas, the majority of human beings would rather suffer and be absorbed by this particular fire instead of give up the needs of theirs. Very few realize the benefits of dealing with the sacred flame of divine love to have the key of the transformation of material, in themselves first of all and because of this in the environment of theirs. All those individuals who end up calloused and hardened so that merely going through is effective at raising them are required to pass through fire.

Power of fire, things you don’t know

In case you want to stay away from the fires of hurting, you should use the flame of disinterested love, for just this is able to change you and turn you into radiant and luminous; just the fire of love may cover you in its flames with no burning you. Possibly, on another hand, you still need to endure – for. After many, you’re currently on earth – but in case you use the flame of divine love. You’ll at any rate understand the way to endure your benefit and struggling from it. The flame of the passions constrains and also enslaves females and males; the fire of divine love sets them free.

Visible flame is the material representation of invisible fire. Each time we light a grill we ought to think about this and restore the bonds between our spirit and soul as well as the heavenly fire of love, strength and intelligence. If we do not do this it’s pointless to light a fire. The sole significance in lighting a fire is usually to be fixed alight with the sacred fire and inflamed by its love. Just in this manner can we start to be able to radiating and also emanating that love, so it might develop brand new life anywhere we go.