MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – A general public hearing was kept at Monday’s Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors fulfilling talking about modifications to fire safety grading districts. A fire protection grading district is something where residents get a rest all over their flame insurance.

“We answer each region found Lauderdale County irregardless of no matter if its interior of any fire protection district or perhaps not, that’s what we phone our Response Area that extends from the north on the south on the east towards the west lines which bound Lauderdale County,” claims Allan Dover, the flame coordinator for Lauderdale County. “What we are discussing is really obtaining a rest on the insurance of yours since you are within that five road miles, that’s what we will call a Rated District.”

The districts had been initially created years back:

With latest developments in GIS mapping, several of the districts are now becoming redrawn through the county.

“Whenever [the districts] had been initially drawn they had been simply stretched out in case they arrived on the center of an area line,” Dover says. “But insurance businesses through the years have stated that don’t works for them, therefore in case you are over that five road miles, they had been charging you Class ten unprotected insurance.”
County officials say these modifications are going to benefit a few residents and not impact others.

Those five road miles and we have put you of district’ :

A’ straight into district’ B,’ next you preferably should receive a letter from the insurance of yours once we’ve the last hearing next month,” Dover explains. “We have advertising this for 3 days, after which at which level the Board can make a movement along with a 2nd and ideally approve the adjustments that we’ve suggested here.”

The Board of Supervisors authorized a resolution of intention to annex something inside the Lauderdale, Meehan, as well as Suqualena Fire Protection Grading Districts.

The Board additionally approved a resolution of intention to produce:

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