Even in case you’ve read of fire curtains and smoke barriers, it’s so easy to become confused by the technical specifications and terminology which surround them. With this post, we wish to explain in language that is simple what a fire curtain is actually and above all, the reason they’re necessary.

Put quite simply, a fire curtain is actually a specially constructed curtain which descends from the ceiling to block an opening and also stop fire and smoke spreading between 2 areas. In much larger structures, many fire curtains are actually employed which in turn break down the structure into’ fire compartments’ when there’s a fire.

This’s called’ compartmentation’ and is actually a fundamental component of passive fire protection in buildings. It will help to:

Provide time for folks to escape
Protect escape routes
Allow time individuals for fire fighting services to arrive
Protect property
Structure of a Fire Curtain
A fire curtain is actually much like a metal roller shutter in it descends vertically as it un rolls from a’ top box’, however because a fire curtain is actually made of a woven fibre glass material, it’s a lot more adaptable and compact.

That means a curtain could be a lot more strongly fitted within a room and consequently offers far better compartmentation.

The compact building of fire curtains makes them an excellent option for lobbies, stairwells and hatches where there’s limited space. When provided in the layout phase of a construction, they are able to be recessed into walls and ceilings leaving a small slit as the one indication that the curtain is there.

There are many kinds of fire curtain:

Automatic Fire curtains – Most non static fire curtains are actually actually automatic. They’re connected to the fire alarm system so they instantly descend when there’s a fire.
Static Fire Curtains – Also called fixed fire curtains, these curtains are once and for all in place and are actually accustomed to give compartmentation in wide open spaces like lofts or warehouses.
Insulated Fire Curtains – extra insulation is provided by these curtains and enable individuals to pass by very much closer to the curtain without being impacted by the heat of the fire on the other side.
Certification and Standards All fire curtains need to be rigorously tested as well as certified. These criteria make sure that the integrity of a curtain will continue to be for a particular minimum length of time as well as that they’ll proceed working in the severe conditions of a fire.

British Standards released in 2014 stipulate that every fire and smoke curtains need to be equipped with a gravity fail system that is secure. That guarantees that a curtain will still descend even if there’s no mains electric power or maybe backup energy from a battery power.