EVACUATION VR – is an innovative strategy which enables you to transport the education participant to a true flame, during which we acquire knowledge regarding how to act.

An program devoted to training courses on components that are crucial during evacuation with the potential for personalization for a certain organization. During the game, we get points for appropriate behavior, at the very same time we become familiar with the fire safety instructions in a modern and accessible approach.

The training lasts aproximatelly twenty five minutes. During the coaching, we solve tasks, make mistakes, we drop life as well as gain points. Actually, we imperceptibly acquire understanding through play which has a certain coaching plan.

Because of the latest innovation and synergy of specialists within the area of virtual reality and firefighting, we’ve created something with that we are able to mimic the circumstances inside a burning building.

The software was created on the foundation of the British Standard BS 5588 and provides 2 scenarios:

The best way to act whenever you visit a fire?
What to do whenever you notice a fire alarm?
Evacuation – rules of conduct whenever you notice a fire alarm
Evacuation – rules of conduct whenever you visit a fire
SSP – operation principle, alarm time
Contact points – arrangement, , operation marking
Telephone call – fire confirmation
Fire extinguisher – arrangement, operation, marking of the beginning principle
Fire groups – interpretation of fire groups
Hydrant – plan, operating principles, marking
Flashover – fire phenomena
CO – the effect of carbon monoxide focus on the man body
Meeting points during evacuation
The software may be purchased in a regular form, but for businesses that will want, it’s likely to personalize the application program with devoted materials originating from a specified company

The perspective out of the window – In the application program it’s likely to personalize the view from the window on the exact same, that we come across each day out of the business window Call points|Hydrants Fire extinguishers – The software continues to be created in such a manner that consumers are able to familiarize themselves with the organization strategy of the plan of Call points, hydrants plus fire extinguishers. After seeing the plans of yours, we put them to the program of ours as dedicated tasks
Meeting point – within the things within the application program, suggest the meeting point during the evacuation. For this particular goal, we can make 360 ​​videos with the business meeting place of the company of yours and even contribute to the application
Partial or complete evacuation – based on the kind of evacuation offered in a certain building, the software is only able to take into consideration this particular type Special requirements – wherever we call informing about the risk (112, leader, supervisor, shift manager), time and after that the alarm goes off, etc.
The best way to USE THE APPLICATION:
Fire education preliminary
Building evacuation training
Familiarization together with the fire safety instructions – four personalization points needed Training for outside guests, businesses, hotel. or office – four personalization points required
OHS training with fire training module VR
Practical fire training with fire training module VR