Class F fires

Class F fires

Class F fires are fires that involve cooking oil or perhaps fat. Though formally a sub class of fires triggered by flammable gases or liquids, they differ from standard fires as a result of the incredibly high temperatures involved.

As a result, the specific characteristics of cooking oil as well as fat fires – especially their better flash stage – have been recognised as very important enough to categorise them individually.

Because of the nature of theirs, Class F fires happen in kitchens as well as food preparation facilities. Many of these fires are as an outcome of negligence in the home – like leaving pans unattended, not cleansing oil and fat from surfaces without typically changing the engine oil in rich body fat fryers.

How can you extinguish a Class F flame?
To be able to spend a grill, one particular component of it should be eradicated – the gas, heat or oxygen.

For instance, water fire extinguishers might produce an explosion and result in the burning used oil to disperse and also the fire spread. Additionally, CO2 flame extinguishers as well as powder fire extinguishers might do more harm than great – to the flame, the property of yours and the operative making use of the extinguisher itself.

How can you stay away from Class F fires?
In case you have or maybe control a kitchen or maybe food preparation center – whether it is a restaurant or maybe part or hotel of a school, university or hospital – you’ve a legitimate obligation to guard your everyone and property within it from the risk of Class F fires. You have to do everything possible to eliminate and minimize the risks related to cooking oils and unsafe kitchen procedures and fats.

This calls for regularly executing extensive fire risk assessments, evaluating the risks within the kitchen of yours and also managing them properly, and using fire safety methods subsequently – which includes setting up wet chemic fire extinguishers (as a part of an entire grill extinguisher system), suiting fire alarm systems and also planning thorough evacuation plans within the function of a flame.

Nevertheless, additionally, there are a variety of items you need to do in an effort to stay away from Class F fires entirely. This consists of training all the kitchen staff of yours on safe work habits – like systematically cleaning surfaces and also changing the oil in fryers and pans and don’t giving pots as well as pans unattended.

Regrettably, it’s nearly impossible to stay away from Class F fires entirely – as there’s no way of sorting out ignition energy sources with energy sources. Nevertheless, secure kitchen processes, normal staff training, the assembly of a selection of fire safety tools and proper fire safety signage will help make the environment of yours – and also the visitors and also staff within it – much less dangerous.