MIR LLC was established in Russia by three Engineers who have successfully worked in security & safety business for more than 10 years,From early 90’s bringing the very best of invented technologies based on experience to the world.

now it is time to provide the United Arab Emirates and Middle East market , where high standards of living and security were always the primary priority, with the main development in the case of saving people’s lives.

Manufacturing products based in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE with help of European Experts in fire resistance makes it more efficient and affordable for people and companies of Middle East countries who care about other people’s lives.

MIR LLC proudly presents the newest hi-technology product FSAC (fireproof and smokeproof automatic curtains.)

The primary mission of MIR LLC is to bring the best of international technologies and to make it more reachable,as well as producing goods and services helping Community to live safe and Comfortable with the highest standards .